CISCO Routers - Listagem de Preços

CISCO Routers - Listagem de Preços
DescriçãoV. Unitário Akz
Cisco Systems IR809G-LTE-GA-K9 809 Industrial ISR, 4G/LTE multimode Global 942.780
Cisco Systems C881-K9 Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers 342.000
Cisco Systems C881W-E-K9 Cisco 881 Eth Sec Router with 802.11n ETSI Compliant 433.200
Cisco Systems C887VA-K9 Cisco 880 Series Integrated Services Routers 250.800
Cisco Systems C891F-K9 Cisco 890 Series Integrated Services Routers 623.580
Cisco Systems C891FW-E-K9 Cisco 890 Series Integrated Services Routers 1.088.700
Cisco ISR 1100 4 Ports Dual GE WAN Ethernet Router 592.800
Cisco ISR 1100 8 Ports Dual GE WAN Ethernet Router 695.400
Cisco ISR 1100 8 Ports Dual GE Ethernet Router w/ 802.11ac -E WiFi798.000
Cisco Systems CISCO1905-SEC/K9 Cisco 1905 Router, HWIC-1T, CAB-SS-V35MT, SEC Lic769.500
Cisco Systems Cisco1921-SEC/K9 Cisco1921/K9 with 2GE, SEC License PAK 581.400
Cisco Systems Cisco1921-T1SEC/K9 Cisco 1921 T1 Bundle incl. HWIC-1DSU-T1,SEC Lic 826.500
Cisco Systems Cisco2901/K9 Cisco 2901 w/2 GE,4 EHWIC,2 DSP,IP Base 883.500
Cisco Systems Cisco2911/K9 Cisco 2911 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,2 DSP,1 SM,IPB 684.000
Cisco Systems Cisco2921/K9 Cisco 2921 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,3 DSP,1 SM,IPB 513.000
Cisco Systems Cisco2951/K9 Cisco 2951 w/3 GE,4 EHWIC,3 DSP,2 SM,IPB 1.220.940
Cisco Systems Cisco3925/K9 Cisco 3925 w/SPE100(3GE,4EHWIC,4DSP,2SM,IPB) 1.966.500
Cisco Systems Cisco3945/K9 Cisco 3945 w/SPE150(3GE,4EHWIC,4DSP,4SM,IPB) 3.135.000
Cisco Systems ISR4321/K9 Cisco ISR 4321 (2GE,2NIM,4G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB) 815.100
Cisco ISR 4321 Bundle, w/UC License, CUBE-10 1.635.900
Cisco ISR 4331 Sec bundle w/SEC license 1.539.000
Cisco Systems ISR4351/K9 Cisco ISR 4351 (3GE,3NIM,2SM,4G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB) 3.306.000
Cisco Systems ISR4351-V/K9 Cisco ISR 4351 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License, CUBEE25 5.643.000
Cisco Systems ISR4351-VSEC/K9 Cisco ISR 4351 Bundle with UC & Sec Lic. PVDM4-64. CUBE-25 7.467.000
Cisco Systems ISR4431/K9 Cisco ISR 4431 (4GE,3NIM,8G FLASH,4G DRAM,IPB) 4.748.100
Cisco Systems ISR4431-V/K9 Cisco ISR 4431 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License, CUBE-25 8.139.600
Cisco Systems ISR4431-VSEC/K9 Cisco ISR 4431 Bundle with UC & Sec Lic, PVDM4-64, CUBE-25 10.032.000
Cisco Systems ISR4451-X-SEC/K9 Cisco ISR 4451 Sec bundle w/SEC license 8.835.000
Cisco Systems ISR4451-X-V/K9 Cisco ISR 4451 UC Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC License 11.628.000
Cisco Systems ISR4451-X-VSEC/K9 Cisco ISR 4451 UC Sec. Bundle, PVDM4-64, UC and SEC License 12.540.000
Cisco Systems ASR1001-X Cisco ASR1001-X System, Crypto, 6 built-in GE, Dual P/S 7.809.000
Cisco Systems ASR1002-X Cisco ASR1002-X Chassis, 6 built-in GE, Dual P/S, 4GB DRAM 11.400.000
Cisco Systems ASR1004 Cisco ASR1004 Chassis, Dual P/S 5.130.000
Cisco Systems ASR1006 Cisco ASR1006 Chassis, Dual P/S 11.400.000
Cisco Systems ASR1013 Cisco ASR1013 Chassis, Redundant P/S 10.277.100